A bike for the Royals – CAMP ROYALE Folding bicycle


The founder of CAMP went for a ride in search for ideas for his new bicycle design, on his foldable bicycle in Colorado, USA. As he rode for some time, he reached to one of the halts of the majestic Royal Gorge Bridge.

The Royal Gorge Bridge maintained the title of the world’s highest suspension bridge for a long-time. He remained there at the bridge for hours to enjoy and appreciate the magnificent structure of the astounding architecture.

He saw the similarities in his foldable bicycle with the rails, joints of the bridge and the iconic curvature of the hanging arches of the bridge. As he moved from there, he had a sight of a ray of blue light reflected from the splendid bridge from far away.

This beautiful sight gave him the idea of colour and design for his new bicycle. He named it after the majestic bridge, Royal Gorge Bridge; the CAMP ROYALE’.

His moto was to design a foldable bike that would provide the people luxury and quality at a reasonable price. This was the birth of the CAMP ROYALE.

The folding bicycle is made of chrome-alloy steel material which make it tough and strong. It has a 6 speed c/w STURMEY ARCHER 3 speed internal gear hub, and two are external gears, with which 6 combinations can be made. The braking system is a linear pull brake.

This foldable bicycle is so compact that it can be changed from a dimensions of 1480 mm (L) x 540 mm (W) x 960 mm (H) to 600 mm (L) x 380 mm (W) x 630 mm (H) when folded full. There is a trolley fitted to enable the user to push the bicycle after its folded. It comes with a dedicated bicycle pump fitted at the side of the rear wheels.

The wheel diameter is 16 inches, and uses a KENDA tyre. The product weighs 13.1 kgs and can carry a total load of 110 kgs. There are also 3 colour variants available: black, blue and red.

The CAMP ROYALE is suitable for people who transfer between different modes of transport. To learn more about the majestic Camp Royale folding bike, click here.

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