Tired of standing? Prefer to cruise around on a seated electric scooter (e-scooter) for better comfort and stability? We have the widest range of high quality and affordable UL2272 certified, LTA compliant electric scooters (e-scooters) with seat in Singapore for all ages.

Seated e-scooters can be broadly classified into 2 categories.
First, electric scooters with integrated seats. In other words, they are originally designed to be used in a seated position. Therefore, the seat cannot be removed and the e-scooter may not be folded.
Example: EV and FIIDO

Next, electric scooters with add-on seat. These are standing e-scooters where an after-market seat is installed on the deck. The seat is easy to install and remove. Sometimes, the seat can be folded thus still allows the e-scooter to be folded.
Example: L1-1 and NINEBOT ES2

Some of the e-scooters can also install an additional child seat without exceeding the Active Mobility Act 20kg weight limit.

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